Professional Assault Response Training: PART

Created: 29 Nov 2005

Professional Assault Response Training (known as PART) was held at the Catholic Education Office on Monday 28th November and Tuesday 29th November 2005.

PART is a participative workshop providing a comprehensive and systematic approach to the understanding and management of student aggressive/assaultive behaviour.

The November participant group collectively held over 400 years of experience which allowed for constructive discussion on topics including reasonable force, self control, crisis communication and team work. The group deflected, compromised balance, back stepped and pivoted.

Participant feedback; what did you find most important to you in this workshop?

• Being made aware of how important self-control is in these situations.
• Focus on communication, observation and avoidance of contact or injury.
• Stressor identification.
• Preparation, ATTITUDE.
• Reassurance that there are appropriate responses to assaultive behaviours.
• The importance of crisis communication.
• That most situations can be dissolved with ‘talking’.
• Gave excellent tips and things to consider, very supportive and encouraging in the work we do.
• It was very useful doing the exercises as it related to our own situations.

The Professional Assault Response Training will be held in 2006, tentatively scheduled for May and November. Please refer to the online professional development resource for bookings or alternatively contact Leah Crawford on 4253 0913 at the Catholic Education Office for more information.

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