A message to teachers on World Teachers' Day

Director's News | A message to teachers on World Teachers' Day

Posted 28 October 2022 by Catholic Education in Director's News

Today, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day across Australia. A day to reflect, recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution of the teachers who bring our mission to life in Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong schools.

You make a positive and meaningful difference every day—educating, supporting and inspiring the children and young people in your classrooms, on sports fields, and everywhere you offer the great gift that is learning. Thank you for the important role you play in our schools and in our communities.

The words of Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, have recently resonated and stayed with me. It expresses, more eloquently than I can, what teaching is at its core: “Teaching is a beautiful expression of our hope for the young. Teaching recognises the dignity of the young as truth-seekers [and] embodies our hope for their future. Every Catholic school is a sacrament of hope.”

As a teacher in a Catholic school, you are a dealer in hope. You know firsthand that hope is not a given. Students from every background can face circumstances that—if not addressed—can breed despair and desperation. At all times, the purpose of our work is to walk alongside and accompany our students and “allow hope to flourish” for each one of them.

On behalf of Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong, I offer my sincere gratitude and acknowledge your outstanding work, your commitment to our shared mission, your dedication to teaching and learning, and your belief in the liberating power of Catholic education to bring hope into every situation.

In the words of theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope”. 

Thank you for being advocates of hope, enthusiasm and life. 

Thank you for showing the way for our young people.

Thank you for all you offer in revealing the presence and the face of God to our young people.

Happy World Teachers’ Day.


Peter Hill 
Director of Schools 

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