A Note of Hope, written to our Year 12 students

Director's News | A Note of Hope, written to our Year 12 students

Posted 8 November 2021 by Catholic Education in Director's News

Speak the truth in love – Ephesians 4:15

For the past two years, you've been dealing with all the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and as you approach your final weeks of school you can look back at a time that no other Year 12 has ever experienced or had to navigate.

You’ve dealt with disruption, uncertainty, and anxiety and as a result of this event, you will be more resilient in the face of adversity. In these final weeks of school remember to breathe. Take one day at a time and focus on one thing at a time and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Take your time to enjoy these final weeks of school life and enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

I took this photograph early one morning when I was out and about – it reminds me to listen to the whisperings of God in your heart and I hope you hear those whisperings from time to time.

Over the coming weeks, remember to control the things you can and don’t worry about the rest. Realise that the only thing you can truly control in this world is how you think and feel and respond to situations – Peter Hill

Stand firm with your values and remember if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. In times when you have no idea what to do, where to go, or how to solve the problems you confront, look to your values for guidance and always speak the truth in love.

I’ll be thinking and praying for you, and all the Year 12 students, over the coming weeks. I will say a special prayer on 9 November when the exams start and on 3 December when the exams end.

I will keep you in my prayers and say another special prayer on 20 January 2022 if you happen to be waiting for an ATAR. And after a few more anxious days I will offer a special intention on 24 January, praying that your HSC results are all that you hoped for. 

Peter Hill
Director of Schools

This is one Note of Hope from a collection of notes prepared by CEO office staff as part of the '7 Miles to Emmaus Outreach Challenge for the Class of 2021' – to inspire and comfort our young women and men.

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