CEDoW teachers celebrated at Accreditation Recognition Ceremony

News | CEDoW teachers celebrated at Accreditation Recognition Ceremony

Posted 6 September 2018 by Catholic Education in News

In a room full of optimism for the promise of the rich teaching careers lying ahead of them, 77 CEDoW staff have been officially acknowledged as Proficient Teachers by Director of Schools, Peter Turner, Catholic school principals and CEDoW leaders at the annual Accreditation Recognition Ceremony.

Established as one of the key events under CEDoW’s Awards and Recognition Program, the Accreditation Recognition Ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate those teachers who have met the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements for accreditation at the level of ‘Proficient’.

Held at the Campbelltown Catholic Club, award recipients and their guests were treated to canapés and drinks at the Kyubi Modern Asian Restaurant on arrival, before gathering in the Philip Room for official proceedings.

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In his address, CEDoW Leadership and Professional Growth Team Project Officer, Peter Michael, spoke about the teacher accreditation process and the importance of the recognition that these teachers have worked hard to achieve.

“This evening, we are recognising all the teachers in this room who have moved from Graduate to Proficient Teacher. This means they are being acknowledged by the profession for having a positive impact on our students. This impact has not only been in the academic domain but across the social, emotional, behavioural and physical domains as well,” Mr Michael said.

“These teachers now join a very unique profession - one in which they get to write themselves into the personal histories and memories of every student they teach. There are not too many professions that command this sphere of influence on the lives of young people." - Peter Michael

“It is one of the reasons why we, as a system of Catholic schools, want the best possible teachers in front of our students. Continual personal and professional growth is so important.”

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Mr Michael also paid special tribute to the staff serving as teacher accreditation supervisors at each school who had supported these newly accredited teachers in gaining the knowledge, skills and capacities required to be recognised as competent and effective teachers.

The newly recognised Proficient Teachers received a framed certificate and a bronze CEDoW pin from their respective CEDoW Head of Service - from Mr Noel Henry for primary teachers and from Mr John Lo Cascio for secondary teachers.

Many remarked on the uplifting sense of positivity amongst the attendees - the positivity of passionate men and women actively choosing teaching to make a difference in the world and in the lives of our young people. The pride and joy shared by both them and their parents and other family members present was palpable throughout the evening.

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Director of Schools, Peter Turner, concluded the event by congratulating the award recipients on the professional knowledge, practice and engagement they had developed in their first few years of teaching.

“I’m inspired by the integrity and high quality of this group of proficient early career teachers here tonight. I’ve spoken with many of you and I’ve heard directly from your principals about the outstanding contributions you are making in your Catholic school communities,” he told the teachers.

“I am reassured that our kids and their families have you in their lives - making a difference, having an impact, and being a source of good and positive influence in their learning and their faith.” - Peter Turner

Mr Turner reflected on teaching as a profound calling, giving them a central place in the lives of their students - a privilege and an important responsibility.  

“Don’t underestimate that you are one of the most influential role models for your students. The best teachers ‘connect’ with their students and are committed to their students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom.”

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The Director expressed his gratitude to the Human Resource Services team, including Head of Service, Carolyn Hadley and the Professional Learning and Growth team led by Gayle McMahon, and Peter Michael for all their ongoing work managing the teacher accreditation process. He also sincerely thanked Sandra Dreizi for her outstanding organisation and planning for the ceremony.

Mr Turner acknowledged Kaylene Collis and Conor Kiernan from Teachers Mutual Bank for their generous support of our teachers and their partnership with CEDoW. He went on to thank CEDoW Education Officer, Sherryn Moore, for her excellent work closely supporting early career teachers in our schools in a range of practical and helpful ways; and all the principals, for their leadership and guidance of their new teachers.

Visit our Accreditation Recognition page for more information.

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