Corpus Christi student secures Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship

News | Corpus Christi student secures Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship

Posted 11 July 2022 by Catholic Education in News

Recognised for her love of history, Molly Simpson of Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Oak Flats has secured a prestigious 2022 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship (PAMS). 

The Year 10 student, who was successfully awarded one of 20 scholarships out of 125 applications, will have the opportunity to embark on a unique historical study tour in NSW, the ACT, and Darwin in September.

The highly enriching program for young history enthusiasts will include visits to significant historical sites to learn about the service of Australian men and women in the World Wars and other conflicts.

The learning experience complements the NSW History Syllabus, which enhances and reflects on history studies in the classroom. Accompanied by a military historian, the tour will teach students about our nation’s military past and help them understand the importance of commemoration.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said by participating in this tour, students will further develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of Australians at war.

“I congratulate the recipients, who are being acknowledged for their positive contributions to their local communities, their respect for the service and sacrifice of Australian Defence Force personnel, and their passion for studying history,” Mr Perrottet said.

Molly said she felt excited to be given the scholarship. “I know I will enjoy every second of this experience,” she said. “I honestly didn’t believe I would win. When I heard that I was successful, I froze and didn’t process it straight away. When it had sunk in, I was so happy because of the opportunity to travel and the chance to learn more.”

To apply, Molly was required to submit a short personal essay, a letter of recommendation, and a copy of a marked history assignment. “Spending time writing an essay was worth it in order to have a chance to win the experience,” Molly said. 

“It was all because I put a little effort into something I almost ignored. I just felt so proud of trying. When I needed guidance my history teacher, Mr Batters, was there to help me.” 

Corpus Christi principal, Robert Muscat, said their school community is extremely proud of Molly's achievement in being awarded such a significant scholarship.  

“The program involves participants traveling around Australia to experience our rich military heritage. Undoubtedly, Molly will return more aware of the ANZAC spirit as well as confident in her understanding of this experience to pass on to other members of our community," he said. 

We congratulate Molly as a Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship recipient and wish her all the best for an enjoyable and insightful trip and the opportunity to represent her school community.

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