Embracing opportunities at St Paul's Catholic Primary School and St Joseph's Catholic High School

News | Embracing opportunities at St Paul's Catholic Primary School and St Joseph's Catholic High School

Posted 2 March 2021 by Catholic Education in News

St Paul's Catholic Primary School Albion Park and St Joseph's Catholic High School Albion Park, with a close affiliation with the traditions of the Joseph Sisters who worked in the local parish, continue to emulate their teachings and to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

Students and brothers Jett Stroemer (Year 10) and Zane Stroemer (Year 8) who both started at St Paul's and have now progressed to St Joseph's had this to say about their schooling journey...

"When I was first enrolled into St Paul's, I would have never predicted the school would have led me to be where I am today. During my seven-year journey through this primary school, I learned many new things about myself and my education.

"I embraced the opportunities to learn new things which had a positive impact on my transition to high school. Towards the end of my primary school journey, St Paul's ensured that I was prepared for high school by explaining their experiences, providing us with work that reflected the high school standard and one on one orientation days at St Joseph's.

"The purpose of incorporating an orientation day with the transition to high school was that we as students could understand the environment we were going to work in before school started; this enabled us to feel a part of the school community on the first day of high school," Zane said.

"As a past St Paul's and current St Joseph's student there are many reasons why I believe people should come to both schools" — Zane Stroemer, student

"When I was at St Paul's, I was in enrichment maths and I was able to experience a mentorship program with Year 10 students from St Joseph's," he said.

"It was a great experience between the two schools that demonstrates their strong rapport.

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"At St Paul's, I was the senior leader and I was able to do many activities. This position in leadership allowed me to attend events and activities such as the Caritas launch and the Anzac parade," Jett said.

"I also attended many sport gala days, carnivals and a basketball challenge in Aubury. At St Joseph's, I'm in the school soccer team and I've gone to many gala days.

"There is also an exciting opportunity for all students to enrol in the elite athlete program which supports the younger generation of athletes with their studies and training through professional coaches and treatment at BaiMed.

"Other programs the school offers such as the leadership program and the Ignite Academic Program which fosters STEM-based research and teaching allow all students to excel in their field of interest."

St Joseph's Catholic High School and St Paul's Catholic Primary School are schools that are inclusive and open to all. Enrolments are now open and welcomed by both schools.

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