Top performing 2022 HSC graduates awarded $20,000 teaching scholarships

News | Top performing 2022 HSC graduates awarded $20,000 teaching scholarships

Posted 8 February 2023 by Catholic Education in News

The positive impact of his dedicated teachers inspired Samuel Franklin to apply for a Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) Step into Teaching scholarship in 2021.

Since then, Samuel has benefited from working across several primary schools as a School Support Officer (SSO) while studying for his degree and gaining invaluable insight, experience, and a deeper understanding of the role and expectations of what it is to be a teacher. 

“There are some things that just can’t be taught at university. Being part of the program has set us apart from our university peers” - Samuel Franklin

“The two years of SSO work has been extremely valuable and is something not a lot of trainee teachers get the opportunity to do,” Samuel said. “Being able to interact with different teachers, with various levels of experience, has allowed us to see what our teaching experience will look like going into the future. Having consistent classroom presence has solidified our teaching abilities and provided valuable knowledge of how a classroom operates.”

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The Step into Teaching program was introduced in 2020 to encourage more high performing CEDoW secondary school graduates to consider a career in teaching. Now in its third year, five 2022 HSC graduates recently took their first step towards fulfilling a career in teaching, when each was awarded a scholarship from CEDoW Director of Schools, Mr Peter Hill, on Friday 3rd February. 

Each scholarship includes $20,000 towards the cost of tertiary studies in primary or secondary education; together with part-time employment as SSOs while they study; and a three year conditional permanent teaching position in a CEDoW school after they graduate.

This year's worthy recipients are: 

Courtney Marek, graduate of Magdalene Catholic College, Narellan, who will study a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Abbey Newtown, graduate of St Benedict’s Catholic College, Oran Park, who will study a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at ACU 

Antonius Siutz, graduate of Magdalene Catholic College, Narellan, who will study a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at ACU

Rainer Smith, graduate of John Therry Catholic College, Rosemeadow, who will study a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at the University of N.S.W 

Paula Zaballero, graduate of Mount Carmel Catholic College, Varroville, who will study a Bachelor of Education (Primary and Special Education) at the University of Notre Dame 

Recipient Courtney Marek, believes the scholarship will open many pathways for her teaching career. 

“This is going to be an amazing opportunity, and I am looking forward to being supported throughout my studies, as well as being able to develop skills and experience that will allow me to be a better teacher." 

Director of Schools, Peter Hill, said teachers have a unique opportunity to transform students’ lives. 

“Teachers make positive and meaningful differences every day—educating, supporting and inspiring the children and young people in their classrooms, on sports fields, and everywhere by offering the great gift that is learning,” he said. 

“These scholarship recipients have each been inspired by the teachers in their lives, and it gives me great confidence to know that future generations of students will have their lives transformed for the better by the likes of Abbey, Paula, Courtney, Antonius and Rainer. ”

We congratulate our worthy scholarship winners and wish them all the very best as they pave their future in education.

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