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Posted 7 December 2017 by John Charadia in News

Almost 90 students from across the Diocese of Wollongong were awarded Certificates of Achievement for their creative and critical thinking work in ‘Pathways on the Journey’.

On November 15, Mr. Peter Turner, Director of Schools, was there to address the audience of students, parents, family, teachers and principals, and launch the full colour publication and website.

“Pathways on the Journey” is a diverse collection of expressions from students who participated in the “Pathways on the Journey” SPLICED (Stretching Potential through Learning in Interactive Challenging Environments in the Diocese of Wollongong) creative thinking and enrichment project. These students, ranging in age from eight to thirteen, were invited to explore, contemplate and share a journey. The collection includes journeys to escape, to grow up, to experience, to discover, to be free, to learn about ourselves, to create and share, to make a connection.

Their diverse responses range from the life journeys of famous people, personal journeys, creative processes, the evolution of the universe, migration, magical and mystical journeys. These have all been expressed in a variety of literature, digital forms and imagery. The website celebrates the students’ slideshows, audio visuals, stories and docuemnts.

Their work is the result of creative and critical thinking questions that opened the mind to consider levels of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationships. These students have responded with a depth that deserves attentive reading.

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