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Staff Responsible Use of Technology Policy



Document Owner Office of the Director
Approval Date 27 March 2019
Release Date 02 April 2019
Compliance Date 02 April 2019
Review Date 01 December 2021
Updated NA

introduction and context


Education Policy in Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) is developed to support the implementation of consistent and comprehensive practices to guide quality Catholic learning and teaching in Diocesan schools.

Education Policy is developed within the context of documents and frameworks. These include:


The use of technology contributes to broadening the availability of learning and teaching options and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of educational administration. Maintaining an ethical, safe and supportive learning and working environment in relation to the appropriate use of technology is the responsibility of all users.

This Policy sets out the basis upon which all employees are able to use technology provided by the employer and the responsible use of personal technologies when interacting in what can be reasonably perceived as a work related context. The responsibilities for the use of all technologies applies to both official and personal use of technical resources.

The Policy relates to the use of all technology and applies to all employees (including volunteers) and contractors of CEDoW schools and offices. CEDoW has the right to access all technologies used in the context of CEDoW activities for various purposes including auditing, forensic data gathering, planning and fault determination.


It is anticipated that schools and staff take reasonable measures to meet all expectations of this Policy.

The Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) Staff Responsible Technology Use of Technology Policy must be implemented in conjunction with the following policies and documents where relevant:

• CEDoW Code of Conduct in the Protection of Children and Young People
• CEDoW Complaints and Grievances Policy and Procedure
• CEDoW Knowledge Management Policy
• CEDoW Maintaining Right Relationships
• CEDoW Social Media Policy
• CEDoW Staff Relations Policy
• CEDoW Staff Responsible Use of Technology Standards
CEDoW Staff Technology Entitlements
• CEDoW Work Health and Safety Policy
• Catholic Schools NSW Privacy Compliance Manual

1   technology environment

Staff MUST:
 1.1  be aware that technology is provided according to CEDoW Staff Technology Entitlements
 1.2  be aware that not all communication channels are filtered and therefore the use of all channels should be treated with extreme care
 1.3  maintain a secure technology environment on all technology used for CEDoW activities
 1.4  be aware they are liable for all use of technology using their username and password including financial and legal liabilities emanating from their account
 1.5  ensure that they do not use another staff member’s user name and password at any time

 report all damage, loss or theft of technologies within 24 hours (or as soon as possible thereafter) to the police where necessary and to the Principal including:

   1.6.1  CEDoW supplied technology
   1.6.2  personal technology used for CEDoW activities
1.7  use the most efficient communication channel available 
1.8  be aware that technology must be available for auditing purposes as requested including:
  1.8.1  CEDoW supplied technology
  1.8.2  personal technology used for CEDoW activities
1.9  be aware that technology usage can be  remotely monitored and logged for auditing, forensic data gathering, planning and fault determination on:
  1.9.1  CEDoW supplied technology
  1.9.2  personal technology used for CEDoW activities
  1.9.3  personal technology used for personal purposes using CEDoW resources

2   staff responsible use of technology

2.1  provide technology to staff members according to CEDoW Staff Technology Entitlements
2.2   address any noncompliance to the CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use Standards  by staff according to the CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use Standards Noncompliance Procedure
2.3   adhere to the CEDoW Notifiable Data Breach Procedure  when a potential notifiable data breach has occurred when using technology
staff MUST:
2.4  ensure technology is used for valid CEDoW-related contexts 
2.5  use technology according to the CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use Standards
2.6  be aware they are permitted to use technology that is personally owned for CEDoW activities provided that such use is conducted according to the CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use Standards
2.7  be aware they are permitted to use technology that is provided by CEDoW or the school for limited personal purposes provided that such use is conducted according to the CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use Standards
2.8  be aware that inappropriate use of technology can result in, but is not limited to:
  2.8.1  loss of individual access to systems
  2.8.2  loss of individual access to technology
  2.8.3  disconnection of entire sites from the CEDoW network
  2.8.4  notification to an external agency
  2.8.5  disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment
  2.8.6  criminal charges or legal proceedings
2.9  ensure that personal use of technology does not negatively impact on:
   2.9.1  their ability to meet professional responsibilities and duties; and/or
   2.9.2  CEDoW or any of its school communities
2.10  report promptly to the Principal when they are concerned about inappropriate use of technology on:
  2.10.1  CEDoW supplied technology
  2.10.2  any technology that may negatively impact on CEDoW or any of its school communities 

 adhere to the CEDoW Social Media Policy  and comply with the CEDoW Social Media Standards  when using social media



staff responsible use of technology POLICY IMPLEMENTATION PLAN


  • The CEDoW Staff Responsible Technology Use of Technology Policy will be released on 2 April 2019.


  • TBA


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  • The Staff Responsible Technology Use of Technology Policy will be published on the CEDoW website under Education Policy. The Senior Professional Officer: Education Policy is responsible for ensuring the Policy’s version currency and accuracy.
  • Schools should contact the Senior Professional Officer: Education Policy for any clarifications regarding Policy.


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