Diocesan & Parish Life


Sacramental Programs 

The celebration of the Eucharist, sacraments and prayer are central to the religious life of the school. Sacramental preparation and faith formation experiences are offered to students and families throughout the diocese. For further information please contact your local Parish Priest or visit www.dow.org.au.

Diocesan Resource Centre

Located within Xavier Centre at 38 Harbour Street Wollongong, the Resource Centre is an initiative of Catholic Education and is open to the wider community. The Centre underpins and responds to Diocesan pastoral planning and the ‘Lighting the Way’ initiatives by supporting our Catholic schools and the outer Catholic community through the provision of resources that focus on the learning, teaching and administering of Religious Education in the classroom, as well as supporting the various diocesan ministry formation programs and courses.

VISIT the Diocesan Resource Centre webpage to access the centre's online resources.

Amongst its general collection, the library also maintains a theological range of resources to support all students undertaking Graduate and Post-Graduate studies in RE and Sabbatical studies.

The library includes resources with a focus on: liturgy, faith, sacraments, spirituality, church history, morality and ethics, pastoral care, church administration, leadership and mission. The centre also holds a modest range of relevant journals and periodicals as well as an extensive audio visual collection. 

CONTACT FOR Diocesan ministry resource centre

Diocesan Ministry Resource Centre
E: anne.russell@dow.catholic.edu.au
Ph: (02) 4222 2481
M: 0427 072 363


The Liturgical Ministries Training Course is offered to students in Year 9, 10 and 11 in Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Wollongong, as preparation for participation in the following liturgical roles: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Cantors and Liturgy practitioners.  This training course is collaboratively prepared and presented by staff of the Catholic Education Office and the Office of the Bishop.

Students will develop a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist and Mass and an understanding of Ministry within a Eucharistic setting.

Upon completion of the training and following approval from the Parish Priest students will be able to actively participate in Eucharistic ministry in both a school and parish based setting.


The focus of Youth Ministry within the diocese is the development of each student’s spiritual growth and life of faith.  To assist with this goal, each CEDoW systemic secondary school has a designated Youth Ministry Coordinator (YMC). The YMC aims to collaboratively work with the senior leaders of the school, other staff members and personnel of the Catholic Education Office to engage youth and young adults into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.

Each school is encouraged to be involved in the variety of Youth Ministry initiatives that emanate from the Office of the Bishop and to establish internal Youth Ministry initiatives that support the charism and identity of the school community. Read more about our Youth Ministry initiatives here.


Education Officer - Youth Ministry
Catholic Life, Education and Mission
E: joel.duval@dow.catholic.edu.au
M: 0437 233 806