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How Our Catholic Schools Can Help to Combat Modern Slavery

Posted 21 December 2017 by Catholic Schools NSW Anti-Slavery Taskforce

When you buy gifts and goodies this Christmas, will you be checking that they aren’t the product of modern slavery? 

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St John’s Dapto take a behind the scenes look at St Vincent de Paul Society.

Posted 11 September 2017 by Catholic Education

Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong and the St Vincent De Paul Society have enjoyed a longstanding relationship, working collaboratively to support the marginalised and socially disadvantaged within our community.

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Bede Ritchie Walks in the Shoes of the Homeless for a Night

Posted 22 May 2017 by Josie Cooks

Each year the St Vincent de Paul Society holds a national event, Vinnies CEO Sleepout, to raise awareness of the growing issue of homelessness.  

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Kiribati: Warriors on the Frontline

Posted 16 November 2016 by Josie Cooks

Like many Australians, until seven years ago I had never heard of Kiribati, let alone understood the various climate change issues impacting the country.

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Threads of Mercy and Compassion Make our Catholic Schools Special

Posted 26 October 2016 by Josie Cooks

In the busyness of daily life, it is easy to overlook the good things that happen, small though they may seem....  


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