A New Logo for the SEALS Committee

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Posted 28 November 2019 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

At St Francis Edmondson Park the environmental student group is known as the SEALS Committee. The club recently launched a brand new logo that aims to give the group a sense of identity and raise awareness of environmental actions across the school community.

SEALS is an acronym that stands for St Francis Environmental Awareness Learning Society.

In Term 2, a call went out to all students who had a passion for art to help design the logo. There were a number of submissions that were created digitally or sketched. The array of talent and ideas that were submitted was amazing and it was decided instead of choosing just one design, the school would incorporate a number of ideas into one design.

There were three logos that stood out that not only fitted the criteria that the SEALS Committee was looking for, but were bright and had vibrant designs. The school worked with a graphic designer to help incorporate all design aspects into one amazing logo that could be easily identified as well as capture the essence of what the SEALS Committee works to achieve.

Congratulations to Accalia (Yr 4), Jamie (Yr 6) and Liam (Yr 8) for submitting their three amazing designs that were moulded together to create the SEALS Logo.

IMG 2750

Each student was awarded a $20 gift voucher for their efforts and contribution to the SEALS Committee in addition to 20 house points for their respective houses.

Look out for the logo around SFCC!

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