A New Year of Caring for Our World!

'Environment Matters' Blog | A New Year of Caring for Our World!

Posted 15 February 2021 in 'Environment Matters' Blog

The school community at St Pius X Unanderra has signalled that during 2021 they will continue to "care for our common home" through positive ecological actions.

Recently the school installed 6 Green Cone Outdoor Food Digestion Systems - one for each grade. The Green Cone is a solar-powered digestion system designed to aerobically decompose ALL cooked and uncooked food waste (including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit) and return the nutrient-rich components directly back into the surrounding soil. 


The school purchased these after evaluating the current worm farm/compost system, and believed that they needed something more sustainable that would promote a shared responsibility across the school community.

As the system is essentially maintenance-free, it is a great fit! With an added little bit of signage, the cones look great!

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