Holy Cross Helensburgh Gardening Club Meets Masterchef!

'Environment Matters' Blog | Holy Cross Helensburgh Gardening Club Meets Masterchef!

Posted 10 August 2020 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

The Leaders of the Gardening Club at Holy Cross Helensburgh are also budding Masterchefs recently demonstrating that they have culinary skills as well as green thumbs.


As a thank you for all their hard work - Angus, Eddie, Jake, Charlotte, Claire, Macie,
James, Flynn, Kai and Keira were tasked with making the ‘hero of the dish’ utilising the fresh produce that they had grown in The Patch - the Holy Cross School garden. The students certainly had a wonderful selection to choose from that included radishes, nasturtiums, chives, mint, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, micro greens, lettuce, calendula flowers, rosemary, parsley, snowpeas, french sorrel, fennel and lavender flowers – not bad for a winter garden!


They were allowed to choose five ‘pantry items’ provided by Rod (their wonderful ecologist) and Mrs Murray - items like corn chips, mini tortillas, corn, dip, salad dressing, cheese, berries, sultanas and dried apples.

The Gardening Club leaders worked hard selecting beautiful produce, met all the challenges set within the task and made some amazing creations with some very thoughtful plating up!
The best part was of course in the EATING! 

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