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Posted 19 April 2018 by Beth Riolo in 'Environment Matters' Blog

During Term One, the school community of Holy Family, Ingleburn has been actively promoting environmental initiatives through the actioning of their School Environment Management Plan (SEMP).

The following is a snapshot of some of their actions undertaken over the term:

Monday assemblies in Lent introduced a Lenten Environmental Action focus for the Holy Family school community and families to focus on. The relevant sections of Laudato Si' introduced the focus and then an action for reducing waste was outlined.

  • Week 1: Conservation of energy - The Year 6 Ecology team conducted an electricity audit during recess and lunch breaks to identify classes who were making an effort to conserve energy. Classes who had been conserving energy were presented with a class token and certificate at the Friday assembly in Week 6. 
  • Week 2 and Week 3: Focused on reduction of paper waste. A tally was kept of the number of paper bags used in the canteen each week leading to the promotion of the Lunch Wallet. 
  • Week 6: Focused on Clean Up Australia Day with the school participating in Clean Up Schools Day. This was also a focus in the morning prayer each day.
  • Week 7 and Week 8: The focus was on cutting down on the use of technology to pursue alternative pastimes, conserving water and finally, reducing the use of bottled water.

The Year 6 Ecology team conducted a waste audit by collecting the rubbish bags from the bins for a week and sorting the contents to record the volume of rubbish and the variety. This was reported back to the school community so as to then determine the best use of grant money to purchase bin toppers for the sorting of rubbish.

The community at Holy Family is committed to responding to Pope Francis' call to "care for our common home" and making a difference at their local level.

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