Schools Join in to Protect Native Forests and Wildlife Habitats

'Environment Matters' Blog | Schools Join in to Protect Native Forests and Wildlife Habitats

Posted 3 August 2020 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

This year's celebration of National Tree Day was an opportunity for CEDoW schools to pray for and take action on behalf of native forests, wildlife and the protection of habitats.

Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and with the catastrophic bushfires experienced earlier this year, the threat to Australian plants, wildlife and their habitats is ever increasing. One organisation that is attempting to counteract this is WOODiWILD

Over the next decade, WOODiWILD's goal is to re-plant 1 million trees on farms across Australia with the help of Australian schools. These trees will provide a habitat for our threatened wildlife and help to address climate change.

St Francis Catholic College Edmondson Park  and  Holy Spirit College Bellambi are two of our schools who have teamed up with WOODiWILD to establish micro-forests in Aussie farmland.

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Both schools used the celebration of National Tree to encourage participation in the WOODiWILD program. Students and families in the schools are invited to support the regeneration of trees by purchasing a tree that then gets planted in a forest named for their school. They name their own tree and receive a unique map reference where they can see, and follow, the growth of the tree.

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Let's hope that from little things, big things grow!

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