Schools add their voices to ban plastic bags

'Environment Matters' Blog | Schools add their voices to ban plastic bags

Posted 16 April 2018 by Beth Riolo in 'Environment Matters' Blog

Recently our schools were invited to help Sophia Skaparis, a student from Monte Sant Angelo North Sydney, who asked if we would sign a petition to ban single-use plastic bags in NSW. 

Approximately 30 per cent of Australia's plastic bag pollution comes from New South Wales, which is our most populous state. Yet New South Wales is the only state that is yet to ban the use of these single-use plastic bags.

Sophia, inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si  to create positive change for the environment, also made a video  explaining the environmental consequences of plastic on our oceans and marine life. It is a massive problem that we all need to be aware of and try to address.

Download and watch Sophia's video here:

The St. Joseph's, Bulli Year 6 Green Thumbs, with the support of students in their Year 6 Mini Vinnies team, managed to collect 140 signatures for the Ban the Plastic Bag petition! 

Well done to those schools who were able to add their voices to this petition.

If the petition reaches 10,000 signatures, it will be read and debated in the NSW Parliament.

Sophia’s petition, as per New South Wales procedures, is paper only. Download it here to print and sign. For more information on the petition and where to send signed petitions, email


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