Sowing Seeds at St Justin's Oran Park

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Posted 27 July 2020 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

When the students at St Justin's Oran Park came back to school in Term 3 they were gifted with the lovely sight of a brand new garden space. Over the holiday break a number of keen staff members got together to kick start the SJOP garden.

On a day blessed with beautiful weather the enthusiastic staff members agreed that there was something very therapeutic about turning soil, pulling weeds and planting seedlings. Everyone had something to give, whether it was the extensive garden knowledge by Theraza and Anthony, hands on planting by Francesca, Sam C, Melissa and Emily, with Lawrence digging and laying pavers. Even Matt graciously picked up some pots with his ute. 

What an exceptional team!
IMG 8911
In order to introduce the new garden to students, a social story was prepared and sent to all teachers to teach in Week 1 so that they could discuss the different features of the garden and the rules for that area. Each class was also given a timetable of when they can visit the garden along with some short activities to complete with the students. 
IMG 9014
The Year 6 Enviro Team members have already kick started their responsibilities in watering and management of the garden space. It will be wonderful to see how the garden grows in the months to come.
IMG 9015

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