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Posted 27 September 2017 by Beth Riolo in 'Environment Matters' Blog

Have you seen our new vegetable gardens at St Paul's Albion Park?

Year 5 Blue and Ana from Bunnings planted a variety of herbs and vegetables. Some of the vegetables and herbs we planted were; tomatoes, sweet potato, purple carrot, kale, spring onions, leek, mint, thyme, lettuce, beetroot, chives, rocket, celery and parsley.

Did you know, the orange flower on the marigold plant acts like a natural pesticide to deter off bugs and insects? These plants are a great addition to your vegetable garden. We are looking forward to watching the garden grow and taste testing our vegetables.


Recently, our class picked rocket, silverbeet, parsley, loose lettuce and kale. We sorted the vegetables and sold them to the teachers and parents for a gold coin donation. We made $27.75 and are hoping to buy more seeds and vegetables to replant. We are enjoying watching, watering, feeding and weeding our vegetable gardens and we hope you are too!

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