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Posted 25 February 2021 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

In 2019 St Thomas More Ruse applied for a $2,000 CEDoW Environmental Education Grant to establish a self-watering wicking garden, the fruits of which are now being realised.

“A wicking garden bed” has a waterproof lining partly filled with stones to create a reservoir for water.

Building A Wicking Garden Bed

On top of the stones a drainage mat is laid, then the soil.  The water is drawn upwards from the reservoir via the drainage mat, the wick and to the soil. The process creates natural soil osmosis to the roots of plants.

03 Wicking Mat2

This system reduces water evaporation and importantly surface watering.  Surface watering is only required when seedlings are first planted.  Once plants are established the need for watering reduces as the wicking system kicks in. As with most gardens the use of mulch supports plant growth and soil moisture.  

Well done to the community of St Thomas More at Ruse on a sustainable, earth-friendly eco action!

05 First Planting


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