What's the Buzz at St Paul's Albion Park?

'Environment Matters' Blog | What's the Buzz at St Paul's Albion Park?

Posted 4 November 2019 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

The students at St Paul's Albion Park have been 'busy bees', coming up with a solution to reduce the amount of single use plastics at their school.

The Year 5 Environmental Warriors – after some research into sustainable alternatives to single use plastics such as cling wrap and zip lock bags – decided to make sustainable Beeswax Wraps. 


The students researched how to make the bees wax wraps and are now experts in this eco-friendly pursuit.

The wraps are perfect for wrapping crunch and sip snacks, a sandwich, a piece of fruit or a lunch box treat!




Students simply use the warmth of their hands to mould the wrap into its shape. They then wash with cold, soapy water, drip dry and re-use.

The Year 5 Environmental Warriors have promoted and sold the 'Beez Wrapped' products to the school community as a lunch pack, which includes 3 wraps for $15. 

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