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Posted 23 May 2023 by Catholic Education in 'Environment Matters' Blog

When the community at Ss Peter and Paul found that a swarm of bees had taken up residence on a seat in their school playground a couple of years ago they made an ecological choice to contact a local apiarist, Laura. Laura just happened to be a parent at the school and was able to relocate the swarm to a better location and since then the school has been the beneficiaries of yummy local honey collected from their own school hive.

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Recently the students and teachers took the opportunity to celebrate their bees and acknowledged World Bee Day by engaging in an informative lesson about bees and completed an activity about the schools busy bees. The activities were judged and one lucky winner from each grade received a sample jar of their very own Ss Peter and Paul school honey.
The school community is very appreciative of its resident beekeeper who brings in a beehive for the students to look at, and also shares her bee expertise with the students, working hard to care for the school's bees.

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The community of Corpus Christi High School at Oak Flats has also been involved in some "bee business". Last year the school received a CEDoW Environmental Education Grant and decided to install a native bee hive in the school garden. Native bees are stingless and pose no threat to humans and they play a vital role in pollination, helping to maintain the biodiversity of our local ecosystems. By having a hive at the school, students are able to observe and learn about these incredible pollinators up close.

The students decided to name the queen of their school hive - Queen Beeyonce!

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