Youth Ministry

The focus of all endeavours of youth ministry within the diocese is the development of each student’s spiritual growth and life of faith.

To assist with this goal, each CEDoW systemic secondary school has a designated Youth Ministry Coordinator (YMC). The YMC aims to collaboratively work with the senior leaders of the school, other staff members and personnel of the Catholic Education Office to engage youth and young adults into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community.

Each school is encouraged to be involved in the variety of youth ministry initiatives that emanate from the Office of the Bishop and to establish internal youth ministry initiatives that support the charism and identity of the school community.

Initiatives we offer to schools

The Catholic Youth Ministry Wollongong (CYMW) team provides many opportunities for students around the diocese, including:

  • ‘Activate’ – an immersive spiritual program day for Year 6 students, delivered in clusters of schools;

  • Three LIVE events (a lunchtime concert and in-school retreat) at every systemic Catholic secondary and K-12 school in the diocese, spread throughout the year;

  • A day-long LIVE Festival in Term 3 for all students in the diocese, featuring live music, food, workshops and activities, inspirational speakers and special guests;

  • Overnight retreats for both the Youth Ministry Coordinators (YMCs) and Youth Ministry Leaders (YMLs);

  • Feast day celebrations at our systemic Catholic secondary and K-12 schools throughout the diocese;

  • Live music celebrations at the Year 6 Masses and Year 12 Gatherings with Bishop Brian Mascord;

  • World Youth Day and Australian Catholic Youth Festival events and formation days

  • Winter Sleepouts; and

  • Other spirituality, ministry and leaderships days at schools across the diocese.


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