Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) comprises 38 systemic schools and almost 20,000 students in the Illawarra, Macarthur, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands regions of New South Wales. Collectively it employs over 2600 staff in a variety of full time, part time, temporary and casual teaching, administrative and support roles.

Catholic schools are an important part of the Catholic Church’s mission; they seek to be schools of first choice for Catholic parents. Dignity and respect for each student form the basis of teaching and learning in Catholic schools, with the values of the Gospel integral to the faith development activities and religious education programs. 

Catholic schools:

  • Practise and celebrate Christian values
  • Provide religious education and opportunities for faith development in communities where prayer and sacramental celebrations are integral
  • Include highly qualified teachers committed to the ethos of Catholic education.

It is vital for the effectiveness of the Catholic school community that all members understand the distinctive purpose and mission of Catholic schools. Principals and teachers need therefore to be accredited to teach in a Catholic school. In pursuing accreditation to teach in a Catholic school, staff will develop a deeper understanding not only of the nature of the school as part of the Church’s mission but also of their roles as members of staff.