Early Career Teacher Support


Within Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW), we classify teachers in their first two to three years of teaching as Early Career Teachers. During this period we provide varying levels of support and professional development opportunities, both at a system and school level.  

In their first year of teaching, our Early Career Teachers receive strategic targeted support across the four aspects of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Teacher Induction Framework: Professional Practice, Professional Identity, Wellbeing and Orientation. This support is facilitated by a dedicated CEDoW Early Career Teacher Support Person in collaboration with Professional Officers from within Human Resources at the Catholic Education Office.

ECT AITSL Teacher Induction Framework diagramProfessional Practices

Professional Practices refer to the specific knowledge and skills involved to develop effective teaching practices. Graduates require a range of support processes to ensure they can develop a sound pedagogical approach to build their capacity to facilitate learning in their classrooms.

Professional Identity

The Professional Identity teachers develop is based on their knowledge about good teaching, their relationships with peers and the community, and their understanding of the significance of their profession. As a system it is our moral obligation to ensure that you are well equipped and aware of your professional responsibilities.


Teaching offers challenges and rewards not only professionally but personally. It is important that graduates are aware of all available support to allow them to be able to manage the demands of the role.


Individual schools orientate you to their school requirements and expectations. System orientation aims to ensure that you are aware of all system requirements and expectations.


Early Career Teacher Resources

All newly appointed Early Career Teachers in the Diocese are provided with an Early Career Teacher Support Document to be used by Early Career Teachers in collaboration with their principal, mentor and other support personnel during the initial phases of their career. The document includes a checklist that addresses a range of accountabilities for teachers relevant to their roles and responsibilities and assists them as they prepare to work within our system of schools.

CEDoW has also designed a resource to support schools in the induction and orientation of their Early Career Teachers. The Early Career Teacher Orientation, Induction and System Support Resource is designed to provide information for the personnel nominated in the school to support Early Career Teachers (specifically those Graduate Teachers in their first year of teaching). This resource enables schools and the system to provide appropriate support and development opportunities to Early Career Teachers as they prepare to work in CEDoW.

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