Resources for Parents & Carers

"Parents are the first educators of their children in human values and the Christian faith; and they have the fundamental right to choose the education suitable for their children. Schools assist parents in exercising this right by helping students develop as they should" — Pope John Paul II, Ecclesia in Oceania, 2001

Welcome to Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW)'s resources for parents and carers.

The mission of all in CEDoW is to create “vibrant school communities where every student finds meaning and purpose in their life through experiencing continual growth in faith and improvement in learning” (Vision and Strategic Direction for Catholic Education in the systemic schools in the Diocese of Wollongong).

Our school communities believe this mission is a shared responsibility of staff, families, parishes and the wider community working in partnership to nurture a culture where parents and carers are valued and encouraged to be involved in school life and engaged in their child’s learning.

New Resource for Parents and Carers!

View our new downloadable and audio resources developed with CatholicCare on supporting our children and young people in coping with change.

Please click on the links below to find tips, links and other resources for our CEDoW parents and carers. 


Improvement, Learning and Wellbeing