Being Involved in School Life

When parents, carers, families and teachers share in the common vision of the school, the effectiveness of the school and the child’s experience is greatly enhanced.

Our Catholic schools strive to be welcoming inclusive communities and families are strongly encouraged to be involved in school life. Being involved in whatever way possible can not only build connections between home and school, but enhance the effectiveness of the school, and the child’s experience. Support networks and friendships can also be formed through involvement in school events. These connections help build a sense of community and belonging for families.

There are various ways in which parents and carers can become involved in the school community:

  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Voluntary support activities – eg: canteen, library, working bees, excursions, managing a team at sport gala days
  • Classroom activities and celebrations
  • Attending school liturgies and events – eg: fetes, sporting carnivals
  • Parents & Friends (P&F) Association
  • Other committees

Before you start...

Check with your child’s school about ways you can volunteer and their school processes for volunteers. Some schools require parents/carers to attend an induction session before volunteering in the classroom or at school events.

Any volunteer at a school in our Diocese must be approved prior to commencing child-related work. For more information, or for how to complete the necessary paperwork and process to volunteer in one of our schools, please visit our Working With Children Check for Volunteers page.