Finishing secondary school is the end of a formative chapter in a young person's life... and the beginning of an important new one! The transition comes with new independence and a lot of big decisions to make.

Whether your child wants to pursue further study, an apprenticeship, work, travel or an altogether different adventure, the below links provide some useful resources to help them, and you, navigate this process. 

myfuture logo turq

MyFuture is the national career information service, with online resources to help support parents and carers as they encourage young people to explore options, plan career pathways and discover possibilities.

Students can use the website to identify their interests, build their career profile and explore careers and employment opportunities in Australia's key industries. They can search courses, browse tertiary institutions, and find out more about the work, required qualifications and pathways of possible occupations of interest.


AusGovt leaving school pgThe Australian Government 'Leaving School' pages provide valuable information and links to help students choose their next adventure, whether they're about to or have just finished school.

Discover resources around pursuing:

• Further study
• Entering a trade or full time work
• What to do if you're not sure what’s next
• Other tools and information


Foundation for young australians

fya logoThe Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) aims to inspire, support and connect young change-makers. 

The future is going to look very different, including the rapidly-changing world of work. It’s estimated a young person today will have five career changes and an average of 17 jobs in their lifetime! They seek to back the next generation of ambitious, creative young people who are capable of rethinking the world and creating a better future.



myskills logoThe Australian Government's MySkills website is the national directory of vocational education and training (VET) organisations and courses.

The initiative enables young people to explore job sectors and industries, and see what skills are in demand. It also assists individuals in searching and comparing VET courses and training providers, and in choosing the training provider that best suits their needs.



skillsroad logoThe SkillsRoad website has advice for young people and their parents on starting post-school life. 

Whether your child knows exactly what they want to do, or has no clue at all, SkillsRoad offers to help them work in a career that best suits their skills and strengths.

Visit SkillsRoad for career advice, study and training options to open the door to new opportunities and/or help applying for a job.




careerone logoThe CareerOne website is a digital job search and employment portal for Australians.

On the job hunt? Search thousands of Australian jobs by location, category or company. Find jobs that suit you and apply, or let CareerOne's own recruiters find the jobs for you.




Year13 logo3There are several online resources for young people exploring their post-school options. Year13 is one - they recognise no two post-school journeys are the same, so their website aims to improve the health and happiness of young Australians and provide a place for advice and information on aspects of work, study, travel and life after secondary school.



Life Launcher

lifelauncherIn beta release, the NSW Government's LifeLauncher website is aimed at helping NSW secondary school students launch their future careers by identifying job and education options that best match their strengths and personalities. Providing tailored career, course information and advice for young people.

Pin careers, courses and industries, refine and explore your interests – all in one place.