Length of Service Recognition

To celebrate and thank the teachers and staff members who have dedicated a significant amount of time in service of Catholic education in the Diocese of Wollongong, CEDoW offers Length of Service Recognition Awards for employees' career milestones.

The length of Catholic school education service of all staff of schools and the Catholic Education Office will be acknowledged as follows:

  • 10 years, 15 years, 20 years – special service certificates (for distribution locally at school/CEO staff meetings)
  • 25 years – framed certificate and etched glass paperweight
  • 30 years – framed certificate and engraved silver pen
  • 40 years – framed certificate and $200 gift voucher


A certificate of appreciation is available for a school to present to any staff member who retires from the employ of CEDoW after a period of between 10 – 25 years of service. A staff member who retires after 25 or more years of service in Catholic school education will receive a Lighting the Way Certificate of Appreciation and specially designed CEDoW Alumni Pin.

Posthumous Recognition

A staff member who dies whilst employed by CEDoW will be acknowledged by way of a posthumous recognition award. This will consist of an Alumni Pin presented by the Principal / Head of Service, at an appropriate time, to the spouse or family member of the deceased staff member.



The Lighting the Way Faith and Learning Recognition Awards Evening will be held on Friday, 1 April 2022 from 7pm at The Cube, Campbelltown Catholic Club.

The annual Lighting the Way Faith and Learning Recognition Awards Evening is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our CEDoW teachers and staff. It is an official and esteemed event in the annual diocesan calendar, attended by recipients of the Length of Service Recognition Awards, the evening's other award nominees, supporting school staff, principals and CEO personnel.


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