Creating a Student Apple ID

Apple's terms and conditions state that users must be 13 years of age or older to have a personal Apple ID. This means that prior to 13 years of age, the Apple ID associated with a child's iPad must be authorised by parents or guardians. Consequently, we ask parents/guardians of children under the age of 13 to create and manage their child's Apple ID. 

CEDoW prefers that parents create an individual Apple ID (iCloud Account) for their child’s exclusive use. There are two options for this. The below runs through how to set up one of these options — creating a credit card free Student Apple ID. This may suit a parent/guardian who is not running their own device.


Parents can follow the below steps to create a credit card free Apple ID for Students:

  1. Turn on the iPad and begin setting it up by carefully answering all the questions.

  2. When you get to the iCloud account section, Tap ‘Create a New iCloud Account’ and create a new iCloud Apple ID for your child, eg, (NB. This may take a few attempts to get an available iCloud account-name, and the account name remains your child’s forever. It can’t be changed.)
    The Password must not be simple, be at least 8 characters, containing at least one CAPITAL letter and one digit. No recurring or sequential numbers, e.g. 123, or 222.
    Please note: Parents own and can totally mange this new account. Therefore, you must complete all details, including YOUR (parent’s) own Date-of-Birth. We recommend taking a screenshot of the information such as the security questions and answers for your records.

  3. ipad Create student apple idIf necessary, sign back into your iPad’s accounts; iCloud, Messages (optional), FaceTime (optional) and iTunes & App Store using the new iCloud Apple ID (eg:

  4. If you are not prompted to complete the account setup, launch the App Store app and attempt to download an app. You will be prompted to complete the setup of the account, which is a few more questions, noting that the Credit Card information must remain at ‘None’ (to ensure that it remains a credit card free Apple ID).

  5. iCloud — Ensure that you enable iCloud Drive, Documents & Data, Safari, Notes and Find My iPad in the iCloud setup options.

  6. iTunes & App Store — Automatic app updates should be enabled in the ‘iTunes & Apps Store’ settings.

For more information and tips on setting up an Apple ID for your child, see our Guidelines for Creating an Apple ID booklet.


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