Why iPads?

"The future demands skilled, digitally-aware learners with the capacity to participate in learning throughout their life…" - Beetham, McGill & Littlejohn, 2009

We believe that the iPad is a significant learning tool which will further develop the capacity of the individual to INNOVATE, create, collaborate, communicate and contribute. At the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW), we believe that to effectively EDUCATE in today's society we must provide students with technology that will enhance their learning.

In our quest to INSPIRE students to strive for excellence, we believe the iPad is the appropriate vehicle to achieve this.

By having a consistent device across the diocese we are able to focus on providing up to date professional development for our teachers. Teachers become experts with the iPads and are able to effectively integrate this technology into their classroom practice. A consistent device also enables teachers to be confident with their knowledge of the iPad so that they can troubleshoot quickly, maximising learning time for their students.


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