Learning and Teaching


The Diocese of Wollongong offers Catholic schooling that delivers quality learning and teaching.  

Students enrolled in the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) system of Catholic schools receive quality education, experiencing learning that is innovative and engaging. Students create, compose, respond to and use their knowledge to collaborate with teachers and peers, in order to make sense of their world. 

Our students are the ‘WHY’ in everything that we do. Teachers in CEDoW schools care for and make a difference to the lives of their students each and every day. They are passionate about learning and dedicated to ensuring all students reach their full potential. Teachers, all of whom are accredited to teach in NSW, maintain a focus on improving their practice, and the learning growth of their students, through a focus on the Australian Professional Teaching Standards  . 

A shared belief is held, between all systemic schools in the DOW, that all students have the ability to learn and grow. This belief is supported by a focus on our Catholic faith, while ensuring a 21st Century pedagogy and a strong commitment to pastoral care and student wellbeing for learning. Excellent facilities and learning environments that have access to the latest technology, support the provision of diverse learning experiences through spiritual, academic, sporting and creative endeavours. 

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