Program & Resource Sharing

The Secondary Program & Resources Sharing Google Drives have been created as a central sharing space for teaching programs across the Wollongong Diocese. It provides teachers with an opportunity to share and learn from the teaching experience of other teachers in the Diocese.  

SLR Google drive icondownload button gold3  Access the Secondary Program Sharing Google SITE


You may navigate to your subject area, choose a school and then the year level of the document you wish to view. Clicking on a document will give you read only access - if you wish to make your own version of a Google Docs program please select File > Make a Copy. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information about these programs and resources, and submit feedback about any of these resources or ideas for the space using our Resource Feedback Form.

Secondary Program & REsource Sharing - TERMS OF Use

To maintain the integrity of this initiative, the following Terms of Use must be followed by all staff:
1. Teachers (and teaching faculties) may access, make copies and use teaching programs and other materials on the site for their own professional use in developing the teaching programs at their school.
2. Teachers may not share the programs and other materials accessed on the site beyond the teaching staff at their school; this includes not sharing with parents, professional experience teachers, external teachers, students, schools, systems, organisations or professional bodies.
3. Teachers are advised to make their own professional judgement on the quality of the programs and other materials accessed on the site. The Diocese makes no endorsement of the quality or compliance of the programs and other materials on the site. 
Questions or feedback on the quality or compliance of teaching programs and resources are welcomed - please fill in our Resources Feedback Form to submit your enquiry.