Child Protection

In caring for children and young people we must act in their best interest and take all reasonable steps to ensure their protection.

The dignity of the human person is a central truth of the Gospel message of Jesus.  In respecting the dignity of all human persons, Catholic School communities are called to ensure the welfare and safety of all of its members.  The protection of the students entrusted to our care, then, is a very serious responsibility.  In taking up this responsibility along with parents, who are recognised as the primary educators and carers of their children, Catholic School communities are committed to:

  • ensuring that Catholic Schools have at their centre the total care of the whole student
  • developing appropriate responses to individuals or families in crisis
  • working collaboratively with other agencies involved in the care and protection of children
  • inspiring hope and a positive vision for the future

Whilst all agencies that deal with children have particular responsibilities for the protection of the children in their care, child protection is essentially the responsibility of everybody.

The NSW Government has adopted a policy that requires agencies that deal with children, including Catholic Schools, to work in cooperation with each other for the overall protection of children, taking reasonable steps consistent with their function and expertise to coordinate child/family assistance.

Our child protection policy 

  • is based on NSW law
  • meets the current professional expectation
  • reflects the pastoral responsibility of those who work in Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Wollongong have a history of working collaboratively with CatholicCare, the social services agency of the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong. The Child Protection initiatives and joint endeavours of Catholic Education and CatholicCare, reflect the spirit of partnership that is essential to help ensure the protection of children and young people in our care. 

From Information for School Communities About Child Wellbeing and Child Protection in Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Wollongong 


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download with padding6  Professional Conduct and Child Protection - Responding to Allegations Involving School Personnel


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