Pastoral Care and Wellbeing


The mission of Catholic Education, Diocese of Wollongong is "to develop the whole person, intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally so that the young who are educated in faith founded in the person of Jesus Christ live their lives with a hope-filled future."

The CEDoW Path to Life Framework for Pastoral Care & Wellbeing guides the approach to student pastoral care and wellbeing for systemic schools under the administration of Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong.  This Framework is adapted from the National Safe Schools Framework (2011 Revised) and is underpinned by the ethos that characterises Catholic education in systemic schools.  With Christ as their model, these values guide a path for life that enables students in our schools to contribute in a meaningful way to their school and their local community in order to create a sense of purpose and responsibility for a just and hope-filled global society.

Path to Life identifies ten pathways that guide quality pastoral care and wellbeing within schools. 

These are:

  1. Leadership Commitment to Pastoral Care and Wellbeing;
  2. A Supportive and Connected School Culture;
  3. Policies, Structures and Procedures;
  4. Professional Learning;
  5. Positive Behaviour Approaches;
  6. Safe School Learning and Teaching;
  7. Student Wellbeing and Student Ownership;
  8. Healthy Lifestyle Development;
  9. Early Intervention and Targeted Support; and,
  10. Partnerships with Families, Parish and Community.

These pathways acknowledge and integrate the essential relationship between spirituality and the formation of the human person. They compliment the Diocesan Learning and Teaching Framework that interrelates the dimensions of quality learning environment, intellectual quality and significance. These dimensions clearly demonstrate the links between student wellbeing and student learning. When students are intellectually challenged, in quality learning environments and feel connected to their learning and to school they achieve more and experience a higher sense of wellbeing.