CatholicCare School Counselling

The CatholicCare School, Student and Family Program (SFFP) works within Catholic primary and secondary systemic schools in the Diocese of Wollongong to promote the wellbeing and development of students. SSFP staff work collaboratively to improve connectedness between students, families and school communities and to strengthen them spiritually, morally, emotionally and socially to meet life's challenges.

The School, Student and Family Program (SFFP) is designed to be a specialised part of pastoral care practices that operate in each school in the Diocese and to strengthen the school community by delivering individual counselling, case management and preventative group work to support students and their families.  

CatholicCare provides a professional service that is responsive to the individual needs of students and families from diverse backgrounds within the school context. Service provision is client centred, systematic and operates from a trauma informed, recovery oriented and culturally aware context.

Please call CatholicCare on (02) 4227 1122 for more information.

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Parents and caregivers may also be interested in CatholicCare's education & group work courses which offer a practical 'hands-on' approach to parenting, assisting parents and caregivers to feel more confident with their parenting skills. If you are interested in these courses, please see their calendar or call CatholicCare for more information.