Sport News | Primary Basketball Gala Days Cancelled

Posted 6 August 2021 by John Sparks in Sport News

Please note the following cancellations:

Basketball Gala Days on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 September at Shellharbour, Berkeley, Beaton Park, Moss Vale and Minto.

A number of factors have lead to these cancellations of these basketball gala days including:

  • The safety of all students, teachers, referees and officials 

  • The likely staged return to inter school sport when the lockdowns are lifted, 

  • A conscious call to reduce the pressure on schools to come back after lockdown, select and nominate teams and organise all the required consent forms, payments, training, uniforms, etc 

  •  The complexities of running the events with strict covid protocols, no parents/carers and policing drop off and pick up zones outside each venue, 

  • The inability to advertise and secure secondary student support as referees for each of these events. 

  • These gala days are not pathway events and therefore require no student progression.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this area.


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