Ched Towns Award 2018

22nd Annual CDF Sports Awards 2018 | Ched Towns Award 2018

Posted 17 December 2018 by Catholic Education in 22nd Annual CDF Sports Awards 2018

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Some people touch our hearts and we are changed forever…

Ched Towns, special guest at the 1999 CDF Sports Awards was indeed one such man. Ched was left blind from disease in his teens and rose from adversity to achieve some amazing personal feats characterised by courage and determination.

Ched passed away in January 2000 on the highest base camp on the Himalayas attempting to be the first blind man to climb the mountains unassisted. Ched indeed touched our hearts showing us that the most important thing in life is giving of your best, rather than winning.

This award is to be given to students who have:

  • Demonstrated that they embrace the ethos of the School and Diocese (including appropriate participation, citizenship and sportsmanship);
  • A disability either sensory, intellectual or physical;
  • Shown outstanding commitment, effort and determination in their sporting pursuits; and
  • Tried and achieved the best that they can.

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