How to Enter and Competition Rules

Catholic schools from the Diocese of Wollongong are invited to take part in The Christmas Story 2021  – a visual arts exhibition and competition for children in Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6). This is an initiative of the Catholic Education Offices in Wollongong and Sydney to celebrate and explore children’s creative and artistic ability in illustrating the Christmas story.

This exhibition and competition provides the opportunity for teachers to select artworks from Years 5 and 6 to share with the wider community and create a greater awareness of the role of the arts in Religious Education. Children can develop deeper appreciation for their talents and recognise the value of the arts in expressing understandings of the Catholic faith.

Subject Matter

The subject matter is drawn from the Religious Education Curriculum and includes additional verses from the Gospel of Matthew.
See the full text of the below Scripture passages here. 



‘Journey to Bethlehem’ 
Luke 2:3-5

Prepare the Way’
Isaiah 40:3-5

The Birth of Jesus & Visit of the Shepherds’
Luke 2:9-14

The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Magi’
Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:9-12

Journey to Bethlehem’ 
Luke 2:3-5

The Annunciation’
Luke 1:26-36

The Flight to Egypt’
Matthew 2:13-15

The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Magi’ 
Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:9-12 

This year the judges are again looking for artworks that reflect an understanding and interpretation of one of the scripture verses that also include authentic imagery from the time of Jesus. This imagery can be represented in any style. Students can consider tableware, clothing, architecture, vegetation, food and other aspects of their visual representation of the Scriptures. 

See our Resources Page for further inspiration and examples of artworks from previous years.

How to enter

Due to the current COVID restrictions impacting a number of students, we have adjusted the due date and procedure for artwork submission to ensure this exhibition and competition is available to all students.

Each school in the diocese is invited to select a maximum of six (6) artworks for the exhibition and competition – three (3) from Year 5 and three (3) from Year 6.

  • Separate artwork submissions are to be submitted for each student using the 2021 Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition Submission Form – this form includes the function to upload a photograph of the student’s artwork;

  • Artwork submissions are due no later than 3:30 pm on Monday, 25 October 2021;

  • Image submissions should be:
    • Named using the naming convention - School, student surname, first name, the title of artwork.jpg;
    • Submitted as a jpg 5-10 megapixels in image quality between 1-5 megabytes;
    • Taken with a focal length between 50mm - 70mm or "portrait" on a smartphone and not be "wide-angle" photographs;
    • Taken "front on", centred, with no perspective distortions;
    • Evenly lit with white light, no shadows or "splotchy lighting";
    • Free of reflections and glare;
    • Cropped to the frame of the artwork (no backgrounds);
    • Not digitally edited (apart from cropping), altered or photoshopped;
    • Coloured naturally and as true to life as possible.
  • As always, the title and written reflection are important components of the judging criteria. Teachers, mentors and school principals should check student’s written work before submitting it. Please note the student’s intention for the artwork, media selected, and scriptural connection are especially important.
Validating the artwork of students

Teachers should be able to validate each artwork as that of the child and have witnessed the child create a significant portion of the work at school. Teachers must also ensure any artists or artworks that have inspired any entry are acknowledged.

See our Resources Page and Key Dates Page for more information.

competition DUE DATE

Artworks submissions are due no later than 3:30pm on Monday, 25 October 2021

Please see our Key Dates Page for more information on the judging and exhibition dates.



For further information please contact either:

Jean-Marie Morris
Education Officer
Catholic Life, Education and Mission Team
Ph: (02) 4253 0994

John Charadia
Education Officer
School Improvement/Specialist Support
Ph: (02) 4253 0966


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