'Joseph’s Mission' - Annabelle Heylin, Year 6 St Clare's Narellan Vale

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 6 Annabelle Heylin

Joseph’s Mission
Annabelle Heylin
St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, Narellan Vale 
Year 6

The scripture passage I have chosen is Matthew 2:13-15 ‘The Escape To Egypt’. My artwork is an image of Joseph just as he had awoken from his dream where the angel of the Lord appeared and told him to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt because Herod was going to kill baby Jesus. He has an expression of worry, understanding and contemplation because he now knows what to do and is no longer afraid for baby Jesus. I drew a sleeping baby Jesus in the right hand corner because it represents Joseph thinking about the baby Jesus who is in danger and he needs to be saved. He is looking and thinking about the future and where he needs to go.

I used extremely light strokes with a HB pencil for the long bushy beard. Then to sketch the eyes, I  researched many images on the internet to learn how to perfect drawing them. I have added imperfections to his face demonstrating that life back in those times was difficult. I used cotton swabs to blend the shadows in His face. Joseph’s face shows he has been through a lot to get to this point, it reminds me of my own Dad, who went overseas to stay with the rest of my family. My parents had divorced and my father had left without any warning or sign. I would have liked to have had a sign to know when my dad was leaving. However I know that even though things are hard there will always be some solution.

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 6 Annabelle Heylin2

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