'The Final Journey' - Anne Day, Year 6 Holy Family Ingleburn

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The Final Journey
Anne Day
Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Ingleburn 
Year 6

The scripture passage ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ (Luke 2:1–5) is the inspiration for my artwork. I chose this because it demonstrates that as God's children, we can count on him to be there for us as we journey through life and face its many ups and downs.  Luke places the birth of Jesus within the reign of Emperor Caesar who is conducting a ‘world-wide’ census. In his narrative he is able to convey the significance of Jesus' birth for the entire globe. Luke does this by emphasising that the birth of Jesus is significant not just for the Jewish people but for all of humanity and that Jesus, not Caesar, is the Messiah who fulfils God's promises. 

I chose to use a jar for my artwork because it will protect and preserve the precious things inside; the rocks symbolise Bethlehem, the sand symbolises the desert, and the hay symbolises the barn in which Jesus was born, so that the story does not die.  This also connects to stories of pirates or shipwrecked passengers who put a message in a bottle so that hopefully one day it will be found. I hope my audience will see this ‘message in a jar’. 

Holy Family Ingleburn Year 6 Anne Day

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