'Journey, a Story of Faith' - Chloe Kovac, Year 6 Mary Immaculate Eagle Vale

Mary Immaculate Eagle Vale Year 6 Chloe Kovac


Journey, a Story of Faith
Chloe Kovac
Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Eagle Vale 
Year 6

My artwork depicts the scripture passage Luke 2:3-5, ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. I have sketched Mary sitting on her sure footed donkey as they amble along the rough road to Bethlehem. I have chosen to show Mary covered with a patterned prayer shawl similar to the Jewish priests' tallit in order to represent her true holiness and deep abiding faith. My artwork invites the viewer to understand the journey ahead for Mary, the donkey, a symbol of God’s unwavering and steadfast love, who travels alongside her throughout her journey.  

It was an arduous ride to Bethlehem, one fraught with discomfort as Mary’s time neared, however the Virgin Mary showed the gifts of the Spirit, ever patient and ever humble. With Jesus, our saviour in her womb, and Joseph by her side, her difficult journey continued. When constructing my artwork, I felt a deeper connection to Mary, her love for God was astounding, it was deep and unwavering. This has enabled me to reflect on the importance of my own faith journey and the importance of having trust in God during the difficult moments of our lives.

Mary Immaculate Eagle Vale Year 6 Chloe Kovac2

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