'Moments in Time' - Eva Alvarado, Year 6 St Paul's Camden

St Paul s Camden Year 6 Eva Alvarado


Moments in Time
Eva Alvarado
St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Camden 
Year 6

Inspired by the artwork ‘Mother of life’ by Nellie Edwards, this triptych layered in glorious oil pastels captures a story of divine love; from the moment Mary was with child, to the moment she held him in her arms and walked the journey alongside him on this earth. It asks the audience to gaze inside each artwork, to find the precious story within. These cherished moments remind me of the song I have forever loved ‘Mary Did You Know’ sung by Pentatonix. 

The deep blended textures of brown surrounding Mary draws our eyes towards the shimmering stars and moonlit night. They are the same sky, and yet three very different moments in time. The olive branches also tell of the passing of time as they begin to blossom alongside Mary. The movement of the oil lamp shining its light beneath the new baby king draws our focus towards the story of Jesus’ birth. Matthew 2:9-12 tells us that upon ‘entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother’ and I imagine this to be the vision the Magi encountered on this night.  It’s a story of the past, the  present and the journey that was yet to come.

 St Paul s Camden Year 6 Eva Alvarado2

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