'Imogen’s Star' - Isaac Stone, Year 6 Good Samaritan Fairy Meadow

Good Samaritan Fairy Meadow Year 6 Isaac Stone1

MAJOR PRIZE: 2022 Star of Hope Award

Imogen’s Star
Isaac Stone
Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, Fairy Meadow
Year 6

I was blessed to have had a sister for only a short time. The gift of her life changed my life; just as Imogen bought me gifts of compassion, respect and kindness, the Magi presented material gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus. ‘ When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy’ (Matthew 2:10). I feel that God chose our family to bring us Imogen as a gift of joy. And like the star that shone for the Wise Men, and continues to shine for us today as a symbol of hope, Imogen’s spirit continues to shine for me. The gift of my sister inspires me to share the gifts of God with everyone around me.

I was inspired by 18th Century artist Auguste Edouart because of his love of silhouettes and paper cutting. I used the technique of stencilling, using a round placemat and acrylic paint. Two of the Wise Men were placed beneath the stencil and the third added after printing to symbolise guidance. I  threaded gold wire through the design to show the brilliant light shining from the mystical star. I made the star big just as my sister’s heart was. 

Good Samaritan Fairy Meadow Year 6 Isaac Stone

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