'The Chosen One' - London Campbell, Year 5 St Joseph's Bulli

St Joseph s Bulli Year 5 London Campbell

MAJOR PRIZE: Director's Christmas Story Award
2022 Year 5 Finalist

The Chosen One
London Campbell
St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli
Year 5

My artwork was inspired by the scripture ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ Luke 2:3-5. It represents the journey that Mary, as the chosen one, knew she had to take to fulfil God’s plan and give birth to Jesus. By keeping Mary faceless I wanted to illustrate that at Christmas time we can all be the face of Mary through our faith in God. The journey she took with Joseph to Bethlehem would have filled her with many different emotions, so I felt that the individual dots was a way I could represent this, lots of little dots like lots of little steps, that brought the whole story together. The star was the symbol that guided many to the birthplace of Jesus and it shines in the sky creating a clear path to the saviour.

I have used the technique of pointillism style painting to show Mary’s perspective of the birth of Jesus. The individual dots plotted close together also represent the feelings of confusion, bravery, fear and honour she experienced during this time. She would have faced many worries leading up to the birth, as a young woman who accepted that she was the ‘Chosen One’.

St Joseph s Bulli Year 5 London Campbell2

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