'Initio' - Maddison Jaworski, Year 6 St John's Dapto

St John s Dapto Year 6 Maddison Jaworski

Maddison Jaworski
St John’s Catholic Primary School, Dapto 
Year 6

‘Initio’ is inspired by Luke’s ‘The Annunciation’ (1:26-38). We see Mary, standing in a garden through the eyes of the angel Gabriel. Gabriel has just delivered God’s wondrous news to Mary. He can see that Mary is so pure. She has been chosen to fulfil God’s will. Mary stands in quiet contemplation with the task that God has given to her. The title of my artwork, Initio, is Latin and translates as ‘from the beginning’. I thought this was fitting as my artwork portrays the moment at which Mary begins her journey of being the mother of Jesus, who will be the saviour and light of the world. 

Through my artwork I wanted to show the true holiness of Mary, and how inspirational she is. I used watercolour because the texture and softness of the medium conveys Mary’s gentleness, her calm and her composure. Through my research I found that there is a legend that says that when the archangel Gabriel appeared, he held a lily in his hand in recognition of Mary’s purity, a detail which has been included in the artwork. The aura around Mary symbolises the Holy Spirit embracing her, creating Jesus. The pathway in the background subtly hints at her journey to come.

Maddison Jaworski Photo and Artwork

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