'Not Just a Dream' - Milla Hehir, Year 6 St Joseph's Bulli

St Joseph s Bulli Year 6 Milla Hehir

Not Just a Dream
Milla Hehir
St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli
Year 6

My artwork is inspired by Matthew 2:13-15, ‘The Flight to Egypt.’ I chose this scripture because I can relate to what it is like to have to flee to another place for safety. During World War II my great grandmother had to flee from Ukraine to Germany and then to Australia to find a safe place away from the war. Mary and Joseph would have done anything for Jesus, even if that meant that they had to leave their home to protect him. When my great grandmother had to leave Ukraine she was pregnant with my grandmother so she did not just leave for her own safety, but for the safety of her child. 

My artwork shows the angel appearing in Joseph’s dream to tell him to flee from Bethlehem and go to Egypt. It is called ‘Not Just a Dream’ because even though it was through a dream that an angel spoke to him, it was real with a real message for Joseph’s life. He knew in his heart that it came from God. The message I wish to express through my artwork is about  trust. Trust in  the word of God, like the trust Joseph and Mary had, so we could have Jesus.

St Joseph s Bulli Year 6 Milla Hehir2

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