'Escape Into The Pyramids' - Noah Faavae, Year 6 St Thomas Aquinas Bowral

St Thomas Aquinas Bowral Year 6 Noah Faavae

Escape Into The Pyramids
Noah Faavae

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish Primary School, Bowral
Year 6

My artwork reflects ‘The Flight to Egypt’, Matthew 2:13-15. My piece involves King Herod, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. In this passage, Herod desperately wants to find Jesus, so I made Herod look infuriated to show the danger Jesus would experience if he was caught. Mary is seen protecting baby Jesus and Joseph is seen distracting Herod from the baby. The thorns that wrap around Herod signify how he couldn’t find Jesus and how he didn’t realise they were escaping to Egypt. The blue background represents the dark gloomy night while the purple signifies danger and dread.

This scripture passage is about how Jesus, Mary and Joseph escaped to Egypt due to King Herod searching for baby Jesus and finding every other baby boy. This passage shows how Mary and Joseph showed persistence and courage to keep their baby safe and did all they could to keep him alive. I used a range of coloured pencils and different shades to show realistic shadows and shading. The background is a marbling technique. I was inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of the patterns and decided it was a perfect fit for my background. 

St Thomas Aquinas Bowral Year 6 Noah Faavae2

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