'Yuangga' - Ruby Walker, Year 5 Holy Cross Helensburgh

 Holy Cross Helensburgh Year 5 Ruby Walker

Ruby Walker
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Helensburgh 
Year 5

I have chosen to base my artwork on and to tell the story of the ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ (Luke 2:3-5). Aboriginal art is inspiring and interests me therefore I used it as inspiration to tell of Mary and Joseph’s journey. I have painted multiple white undulating human tracks as they represent the long journey to Bethlehem. The circles with lines on either side represent a resting place. This is where Mary and Joseph stopped to rest and where Jesus was born. The big round circle represents a radiating star. In Bethlehem, there was a beautiful bright shining star in the night sky which is the focus of my artwork.

I really wanted to tell the story of the ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ in a unique and meaningful way, linking with Australian Indigenous culture. I have chosen the bright and bold colours of yellow and red to represent happiness. The reddish brown and dark colours represent the desert on the journey to Bethlehem. The three symbols of footprints, resting place and the star tell of this journey. My artwork is named Yuangga which means path in Dharawal, representing the path leading to Jesus’ place of birth.

Holy Cross Helensburgh Year 5 Ruby Walker2

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