'The Journey to the Beginning' - Saira Siby Paul, Year 6 St Francis Edmondson Park

St Francis Edmondson Park Year 6 Saira Siby Paul

The Journey to the Beginning
Saira Siby Paul
St Francis Catholic College, Edmondson Park 
Year 6

My artwork is inspired by Luke 2:1-5 ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. I have portrayed the event when Mary and Joseph were travelling to Bethlehem to complete the census, issued while Mary was pregnant, not knowing that she would give birth at midnight. It captured the moment in time when they left their city starting the long journey before them. I can relate to this scripture passage as on Christmas Eve each year everyone in my family travels from different areas together and celebrates the Lord's birthday. This reminds me of how Mary and Joseph travelled as a family to their hometown on the day before Christmas. 

Reflecting on my chosen Scripture passage, my bond with God has deepened, reminding me that I am a faithful follower. Just like Mary and Joseph, I listen to God in tough times without doubt, because he is our Lord. My piece of art was inspired by many different artworks and I appropriated aspects from many different sources to make a completely unique artwork that reflects me. When I discovered realism I immediately wanted to use all the techniques as I believe it brings the artwork to life.

St Francis Edmondson Park Year 6 Saira Siby Paul2

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